Break My Stony Heart... Do a Work in Me...

Author: TheRobinsons /

I have been working tonight on the upcoming study of key doctrines surrounding our salvation. It is so exciting to think about what God may do through intentioned study of His Word.
I pray that it would start in my own heart, that he would pear me down and break my stony heart.... that I might be a better servant, a more holy husband, a more righteous father, a more grace-impacted worker, a more Godly man... but too that I might be an instrument in the hand of Almighty God in pointing others to see Him more clearly.
Ultimately, the aim is that God would be glorified in my life, but also in the lives of those who God has entrusted into my care. That they might be so impacted by God's Word and the Truth of the Gospel that they would boldly proclaim that Gospel where no man before has done so... that they might proclaim with clear-headed abandon of those things which so oft entangle so the Spirit of God may stir the hearts of unregenerate men and women, boys and girls... and the Lamb might receive Glory and Honor and Power.