A House of Praise

Author: TheRobinsons /

God is so very good and often allows such hardship on so many... it is increasingly hard to understand God. The more I grow in understanding (by the illumination of His Spirit, despite my sinful and wayward mind and heart), the more I realize that I am perplexed and cannot fathom or begin to concieve the workings of God in the world around me.

Today God has richly blessed my family and I. After about a year and a half of hunting, God has brought to close an amazing opportunity. We have acquired a residence... and it is so much more than we could have asked for. However, the bitter side to the story is that we realize a family was foreclosed upon, could not keep their house, and lost it to a bank. We do not know the circumstances or the family, but my heart has to question what occurred. We sincerely desire that God would be blessing and providing for this family, that He in His infinite love would be drawing them into closer walks and greater faithfulness to Him... This truly is the same prayer that we have for ourselves in this situation. That God would allow us to use what He has provided as those who are stewards to bring great blessing to our faimly. Additionally, we understand that this house has not been providentially made possible as a mere material possession, but rather is a means that we might bring glory to the name of Christ and praise to our Father in Heaven.

We pray that we might be faithful to this call and that all things which we acquire would be held loosely in love, and always with a mind of how we might greater benefit the Bride of Christ and those who are dead and dying in sin. May this house be a house where praise of the One True God is evident and the Gospel of Christ is proclaimed with boldness and authority. Amen.